The Chiropractic Success Academy empowers you with the teaching and tools you need to be an industry leader.


Too many Evidence-Informed chiropractors feel alone and stuck in their development. 

The Chiropractor Success Academy empowers you to grow your practice along. Join other like-minded DCs who want to pursue excellence in every area of their profession.

What The Academy Will Do For Your Practice

It won't take long before you notice a significant difference in how you run things.

Increase Your Income

We understand the pressure that comes with treating patients, running an office, managing staff, and marketing. Our training helps you make it all profitable.

Learn New Skills

Learn to manage the pressures of treating patients, running an office, managing staff, and marketing. Learn how the leaders in our industry have been successful in these areas.

Build Partnerships

Connect with a dynamic network of Evidence-Informed DCs who are committed to advancing our profession with excellence.

Imagine If You Could Experience Success In These Four Areas


The Clinician

One of your most important jobs as a DC is to be a top notch clinician.

We examine techniques, approaches, and current research that makes you the best you can be for your patients.

The Producer

You will learn to produce the best content for your community. Marketing that has an impact.

We show you how to do be a content producer and other strategies to produce big results in your practice.

The Businessperson

Another important role of a DC, whether an associate, IC, or practice owner, is handling your business. Accounting, Taxes, staff management - there’s a lot to business.

We help you learn the tools of the best DCs in the trade.

The Doctor

Your last and most important role as a DC is you. We want to honor that person who works so hard to care for others. 

How’s your headspace? Body? Stress?  We guide you to improving those for a maximum quality of life.

Chiropractic Success Academy Works For All Patient-Centered Chiropractors Who Are:

  • Experienced Practice Owners with a Growth Mindset 
  •  New Practice Owners
  •  Students who want to supplement their school education with the business and marketing education their school lacks.  
  •  Practice owners who want to train their associates and staff on Marketing, Clinical and Personal Development.  
  •  Independent Contractors looking to grow their patient base.  
  •  Associates who need to learn how Chiropractic business actually works.


The CSA Is Powered By:


"I found the FTCA when I was a student in chiropractic school. I was struggling with my lack of a “chiropractic philosophy.” I was uncomfortable with selling “maintenance care” to everyone with a spine. It made me feel slimy. There weren’t many in my school who were vocal about ethical, evidence-based care. Bobby Maybee and his group of excellent practitioners welcomed me in, mentored me, made me feel like I was part of something so much bigger than myself. I’ve learned how to start and run a growing practice, many ways to effectively treat patients."

Dr. Andrew Cook

"I have to thank you publicly for the information you make available to us. I started listening to your podcast and reading your blog a few months ago and it has helped fine tune my online marketing. In 2017 I averaged 49 new patients per month. In March of this year, I had 65 and in April I had 74! And now, the first WEEK of May, I had 21 new patients! And I just hired an associate. Thanks again Doc!"

Dr. Joe Denke

"Dr. Kevin and Dr. Bobby succeed at everything they do. It is inspiring to see their commitment to passing on the right mindset, tools, and skills with other DCs across the continent. All my clients who are in CSA absolutely rave about it."

Jon Morrison
Get Clear Consulting

$99/Month. No Contracts.

What Makes Chiropractic Success Academy So Different? 

  • Step-by-step strategies for Evidence Informed Chiropractors produced by industry leaders.
  • Monthly Zoom call with Dr. Bobby Maybee and Dr. Kevin Christie.
  • Inner circle access and communication with all of your questions.
  • Free Lifetime Access to Past and Future Virtual Marketing Summits by Modern Chiropractic Marketing Group.
  • Access to Dr. Maybee’s Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance and its inner circle.
  • Access to Dr. Christie’s private practice projects, systems, and growth development.
  • Strategic Coach trained tools and concepts
  • Secret FB Group members for CSA members to consistently workshop ideas.
  • Dr. Christie's monthly newsletter with practice insights, behind the scenes, corporate chiropractic, etc.

Pricing Options




Offered to Chiropractic students currently attending school. Proof required for membership.





No contracts. No obligations. Enjoy weekly content, monthly online group meetings/discussions, and tons of input!





Sign up for a one year membership and save 15%. We recommend this option to get the most out of the Academy.


The Chiropractic Success Academy is your personal and practice’s foundation for growth and excellence.


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